When looking at pictures of this hotel / rooftop on the internet, you can

only wish to have a look!  So, booked 3 nights should be sufficient to enjoy the wonders of this


One tip, have a drink and admire the incredible view of Medellin but do not

staying at the hotel! Noise is everywhere and the staff is not very



The view of the city is amazing. The bar is surrounded by large windows. A

swimming pool occupies the center of the place, surrounded by large

televisions. The bar is in two floors.


On the quality perspective, the cocktails are not bad but not interesting.

A small card “tapas / sushi” offers quality food for a fair price.

For staff, there is much to do better because the young people were alone

(no manager) and obviously new. After waiting 30 min cocktails, and an

additional 20 minutes for sushi, we quietly enjoy the view. We had to ask

almost 5 times an ashtray before obtaining one. Not very awake …


We wanted to come back the next night, but the rooftop was closed. The

following day, the bar was privatized … voila … it’s been 3 nights.

Huge disappointment!

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